Who we are


Four young entrepreneurs decide to to bet on your territory and to promote it genuine products, still made according to tradition, starting from the selection of the best cheesemakers of Paestum.

This is how it was born at the foot of the Valle dei Picentini, on the homonymous river, the "Ponte Molinello" dairy. Initially born as a buffalo breeding, the company yes after a few years it transforms into an adjoining dairy to the breeding carried out in an old farmhouse with large green areas equipped with a nice playground.

The COMPANY, on the other hand, covers about 60 hectares many of them for the sole cultivation of fodder for feeding the animals. Subsequently the breeding is expanded, they enter in fact to be part of cows and goats whose milk comes to be used exclusively for the realization of our products.


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Progetto cofinanziato dal Fondo europeo di sviluppo regionale